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Reduce the Brexit risk of your company


After the result of the Brexit election and how much this could affect the risk of any company based on the UK, many managers have decided to have a fixed branch and or firm settled in the EEC area to reduce risks and to deal with any unfavourable situation that could arrive in the next future.

Brexit will affect directly the PR and profitability of the British companies that are exclusively based on the UK therefore to overtake the situation thinking in expanding nearly any company seems to be an accurate decision.

Where to go is something to bear in mind, due to the fact that again the PR will be affected by the tax rate of different countries in Europe. On the other hand, communication is crucial as well so the choice is not that simple.

Spain and mainly Barcelona is probably one of the best choices to think about due to the proximity to the Uk and the very good connections by road and sea together with the fact that the professional skills we can find in the Spanish labour market and the Barcelona area concretely, meet the UK standards.

Although it is early to know the scope of what will happened and the new rules between the UK and the EEC it is definitely a good option to start to take decisions about it. We all know that the politicians sometimes think and react in a different way as entrepreneurs and managers do and as per the recent history of their decisions it is worth to prepare a strategy that would help our companies to suffer unpleasant situations.

Once chosen the first part, to expand or settle a branch in Barcelona, for example, we should count with a good advisor, locally based that will help us with all the legal procedure as well as with the Tax Laws, etc. An advisor that should understand our needs and philosophy and that will match the service to what we are used to un the UK.

If we don’t want to invest the profit onto the big consulting firms’ invoices, and we rather decide to have a kind of personal advisor, close enough to serve and solve all our subjects and advise us with the Tax and investment areas and with the always difficult Labour Laws, surely the best option would be a small company with a long expertise working with foreign companies, and with the right value for money.

Jiménez Ridruejo would be a very good option Barcelona, the have a long experience working with British and German companies, easy to communicate with, experts in all the main areas we need.

If you are thinking in coming to Barcelona feel free to ask for any information and help you would like to, we will be pleased to help. Contact us now

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