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Accounting consulting


Our working method system shall be tailored to the client’s needs, seeking a fluent and effective information flow. The study and preparation of the financial statements shall be undertaken in accordance with the client’s timetable. You shall always have timely and accurate information.

  • Accounting for the company’s transactions.
  • Preparation of the records that are compulsory in accordance with current legislation (auxiliary books of account and VAT records).
  • Preparation of Official Books: Journal, Inventory and Annual Accounts. Preparation of the Notes to the Financial Statements and the Profit and Loss Account.
  • Study and preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the timetable required by each of our clients.
  • Regular analysis and comments on the outcome of the balance sheets.
  • Advice on the accounting plan for the different lines of the business.
  • Proposal of the Annual Accounts and their filing in the related Mercantile Registry.

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