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Establish your firm in Barcelona and forget Brexit effects

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Think about setting up firm in Barcelona or forget the EEC business

We have get to know through the Uk press that the Government is struggling with the Brexit and it threatens and working to minimize the economic effect that will have for the Uk in the next few years.
Apparently An indiscrete picture apparently taken from some notes, shows that the difficulties dealing with the unplugged of the EEC is far from being easy. The Times published recently that Theresa May has a lack of plant about this subject and no B plan is at the time planned.
Therefore if your company deals with the foreign market and mostly with the EEC area, this is the right time to think about establishing a branch or even a new company in any European Community country to be able to continue dealing with them in a similar economical condition.
The UK is going to be out of the EEC market and this will affect directly in all the PR of the companies of the UK, but obviously it will be a mess for those companies on the international market.
Spain and mostly Barcelona become quite a good option for establishing a firm inside the EEC thus it is close enough to the UK, good communications by air and sea. I has good and professional workers and with much reduced labour cost as in the UK.
Within Spain, Barcelona is surely the best city for most companies to start its EEC branch, unless, probably these linked to the financial market, that would choose Madrid instead.
To start in Barcelona it is most advisable to have a native advisor to provide with expertise and know how and to easy the landing from the beginning, helping with all the steps required and with a deep knowledge of the local Laws.
Having a local advisor to help with the taxes, with any kind of help that could be provided from the Government. Someone that is able to look for the right office, placed in the best place for our needs, that could even help us with the British people that will need to set up in Barcelona, looking for a home, school, etc.
Jiménez Ridruejo is a Barcelona based advisor, specialised in helping to establish foreign companies in Spain and mostly in Barcelona. With a full pack service if required, all the key areas of the business ( tax, labour, formal, laws, etc.) as well as real estate personal shopper service to get the right office or house for the UK workers.
Long year of experience and a reliable relationship is what is offered by Jimenez Ridruejo, all the information needed on the spot, daily accounts bases and all the solution to any problems that will come in the future.
If you are thinking in establishing in Spain and Barcelona, give us a call and ask whatever you feel like, we will be pleased to help anytime.

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